In developing the OWOW Integrated Regional Water Management (IRWM) plan for the Santa Ana River Watershed, a decided “bottom up” approach was envisioned for governance, as opposed to a “top down” approach.  The core of this approach was that, unlike previous SAWPA IRWM plans or other IRWM planning approaches across the State, every effort was made to allow the key discussions of major water resource issues, concerns, problems, goals and objectives, and potential solutions to originate and be fully vetted at the stakeholder level first.  By expanding the involvement and collaboration of stakeholders at the “on-the-ground” level, it was possible to incorporate the deeper understanding of local issues afforded by stakeholders, and generate greater buy-in and support.

Santa Ana IRWMP “One Water One Watershed” Governance – Revised: January 15, 2013

Pillar and Project Review Committee Information

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County Supervisor Representatives

Shawn Nelson
Orange County

Marion Ashley
Riverside County

Curt Hagman
San Bernardino County 
County Representatives

Jose Solorio
Orange County

Laura Roughton
Riverside County

Jon Harrison
San Bernardino County 
Business Community Representative

Jim Hessler
Altman Plants
Santa Ana Watershed Project Authority Representatives

Ron Sullivan

Thomas Evans

Patrick Morris
City of San Bernardino
Environmental Community Representative

Garry Brown
Orange County Coastkeeper
Regional Water Control Board Representative

Linda Ackerman
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June 16 Agenda Packet
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September 26 Agenda Packet
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December 13 Agenda Packet
November 27 Agenda Packet
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March 15 Agenda Packet
January 19 Agenda Packet
November 18 Agenda Packet

 OWOW Pillars 

Beneficial Use Assurance

Michael R. Marcus
General Manager
Orange County Water District

Disadvantaged and Tribal Communities

Gil Navarro
Vice President
San Bernardino Valley Municipal Water District

Climate Change Response

Jamie Ferro
Program Manager

Land Use and Water Planning

Ken Gutierrez
Planning Consultant

Natural Resources Stewardship

Jeff Beehler
Land Resource Manager
SBV Water Conservation District

Water Use Efficiency

John V. Rossi
General Manager
Western Municipal Water District

Integrated Storm water Management

Jason Uhley
General Manager-Chief Engineer
Riverside County Flood Control and Water Conservation District

Water Resource Optimization

Douglas Headrick
General Manager
San Bernardino Valley Municipal Water District

Water Recycling

Paul D. Jones II
General Manager
Eastern Municipal Water District

Data Management and Monitoring

Joseph Grindstaff
General Manager
Inland Empire Utilities Agency

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