The One Water One Watershed (OWOW) Program facilitates the writing and implementation of the One Water One Watershed Plan.  Using the link bar above you can visit the first OWOW Plan (2010), or the OWOW 2.0 Plan (2014), as well as the integrated watershed and resources plans that predate the OWOW name.  The OWOW Plan describes shared goals for the Santa Ana River watershed, and the strategies most needed to achieve those goals.  As a stakeholder-driven process, the OWOW Plan is literally written by the stakeholders, gathered together in workgroups called Pillars. The program is administered by the OWOW Steering Committee at the behest of the SAWPA Commission.

The OWOW Plan also serves as the Integrated Regional Water Management (IRWM) Plan for the Santa Ana funding region, as described in the California Water Code.  The IRWM Program, administered by the California Department of Water Resources, supports regional planning and competitive implementation grants drawn from general obligation bond proceeds.  Proposition 1, passed in 2014 by the voters of California, is now supporting multiple planning activities and soon will provide implementation grants across the state.

The OWOW Plan Update 2018 process is underway.  This work includes many Pillar workgroup meetings which can be found on the SAWPA calendar.  All stakeholders are welcome to participate. Documents related to the update are available at right.

OWOW Plan Update 2018 Call for Projects

On March 22 2018 the OWOW Steering Committee opened a Call for Projects for inclusion in the OWOW Plan Update 2018.  You can access the online tool for submitting your project here:

A map is available to see what other projects have been submitted from across the watershed, here:

All projects submitted are asked to describe how their proposed activities will help achieve the goals of the OWOW Plan Update 2018.  The goals and objectives approved by the OWOW Steering Committee can be downloaded at this link:

OWOW Plan Update 2018 Goals and Objectives