The first OWOW Plan was developed using a “bottom up” approach, making every effort to facilitate stakeholders conducting the key discussions of major water resource issues, concerns, problems, goals and objectives, and potential solutions.  Ensuring that local knowledge of local issues was part of the planning process, and a focus on encouraging a watershed approach where commonly disconnected issues are explored for their linkages, were both key to the planning process.  Developing a governance model that matched the diversity of participation was an important goal of the OWOW Program, and is reflected today in the OWOW Steering Committee.  The Committee includes elected, appointed, public, private and non-profit members.  The Committee makes decisions about the program in an advisory role to the SAWPA Commission, which is the state-approved regional water management group.  The link below describes the OWOW Governance model, and at the bottom of the page you can explore the current membership of the OWOW Steering Committee, and the leaders of the Pillars, which are stakeholder workgroups.

Santa Ana IRWMP “One Water One Watershed” Governance Document – Revised: January 15, 2013

The OWOW Steering Committee has 11 members including elected officials from counties and cities in the watershed, representatives from the environmental advocacy, and business communities, the Regional Water Quality Control Board, and representatives from SAWPA.

The Steering Committee develops integrated regional water management goals and objectives for the watershed, oversees strategic decision-making, crafts and adopts programmatic suites of project recommendations, and provides program advocacy necessary to optimize water resource protection for all.  The SAWPA Commission, as the state-approved Regional Water Management Group, considers and ratifies the decisions of the OWOW Steering Committee.

  • Shawn Nelson, Orange County Supervisor
  • Marion Ashley, Riverside County Supervisor
  • Curt Hagman, San Bernardino County Supervisor
  • Jose Solorio, Orange County Mayor Representative
  • Laura Roughton, Riverside County Mayor Representative
  • Jon Harrison, San Bernardino County Mayor Representative
  • Ronald W. Sullivan, SAWPA Representative
  • Jasmin Hall, SAWPA Representative
  • Jim Hessler, Altman Plants
  • Garry Brown, Orange County Coastkeeper
  • Linda Ackerman, Regional Water Quality Control Board

Regular OWOW Steering Committee meetings are held on the fourth Thursday of January, March, May, July, September and the third Thursday of November, at 11:00 a.m., in the SAWPA Board Room, 11615 Sterling Avenue, Riverside, CA 92503.

Click here to view the OWOW Steering Committee Agenda Packets and Minutes.

The One Water One Watershed Pillars are working groups of stakeholders and water agency staff that prepare planning items for consideration by the OWOW Steering Committee. Invitations for Pillar meetings are made throughout the planning process. Each Pillar has subject-matter expertise. The knowledge and contacts of the Pillar members provide an important link to watershed stakeholders.

Water Quality
Michael R. Markus
General Manager
Orange County Water District

Disadvantaged Communities & Tribal Communities
Megan Brousseau
Inland Empire WaterKeeper

Climate Risk & Response
Jamie Ferro
Program Manager

Land Use & Water Planning
Ken Guitierrez
Planning Consultant
Rancho Cucamonga

Natural Resources Stewardship
Jeff Beehler
Land Resources Manager
San Bernardino Valley Water Conservation District

Water Use Efficiency
Craig Miller
General Manager
Western Municipal Water District

Integrated Stormwater Management
Jason Uhley
General Manager-Chief Engineer
Riverside County Flood Control and Water Conservation District

Water Resources Optimization
Douglas Headrick
General Manager
San Bernardino Valley Municipal Water District

Water Recycling
Paul D. Jones II
General Manager
Eastern Municipal Water District

Data Management and Monitoring
Halla Razak
General Manager
Inland Empire Utilities Agency