The Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Emissions Calculator was developed as a tool to support the Climate Change Analysis.  It was developed as a decision-making tool that can be used to explore the links between water resources, energy, and GHG emissions.  

The GHG Emissions calculator (download the GHG Emissions Calculator MSExcel application) is a vital tool for decision makers when developing water supply plans for the future.  It can be used to determine water supply and energy demands for the study area, in addition to GHG emissions from 1990 to 2050. It can be used to analyze a study area ranging from a city block to an entire watershed, regardless of the level of detailed data available. In addition, it equipped to evaluate long term GHG emission reduction potential for new projects that will alter the water supply portfolio. 

Included with the GHG Emissions calculator is a GHG Scenario Manager, which enables the user to compare up to 5 emission scenarios (download the GHG Emissions Scenario Manager MSExcel application). 

The Greenhouse Gas Emissions Calculator for the Water Sector: User’s Manual provides the user instructions on how to use the tool, along with a number of example applications focusing on projects the Santa Ana River Watershed.  These include examples of how to develop a GHG emissions baseline, evaluate what it would take to meet specific GHG emission reduction goals, and illustrate how the GHG Emissions Calculator can be used to analyze projects. 

For further instruction on how to use the GHG Emissions calculator, check out the video below, or contact SAWPA at




Final report: 

        Greenhouse Gas Emissions Calculator for the Water Sector: User’s Manual

MSExcel applications: 

        GHGE CalculatorMSExcel application

        GHGE Scenario Manager MSExcel application

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        June 26, 2012