SAWPA is located in Riverside, California, approximately in the geographic center of the watershed. The population in the Santa Ana River Watershed is one of the fastest-growing regions in the State. Since its formation, SAWPA has grown in capability to become one of California’s leading regional water agencies. The watershed, and the State as a whole, are facing many challenges in ensuring that there is sufficient, high-quality water for the ever-growing population of the region. SAWPA works with planners, water experts, design and construction engineers, and other government agencies to identify issues and solutions, and then uses innovation to resolve many water-related problems.

SAWPA works with legislators to ensure that there are useful laws on water resources, with funding sources to ensure that necessary projects can be completed; with planners to ensure that there is enough water in the future; with regulators to ensure that the water is safe and clean, and with all other stakeholders, including the concerned public, to build collaborative, regional solutions to meet the area’s water needs.