The Climate Change Analysis for the Santa Ana River Watershed report was a collaborative effort by SAWPA and the Bureau of Reclamation to explore the potential implications of the changing climate, and how those implications might affect  the Santa Ana River Watershed.  This report, included in  SAWPA’s “One Water One Watershed” (OWOW) 2.0 Plan, provides data to refine the watershed’s water projections, and identify potential adaptation and mitigation strategies in light of projected effects of climate change. 

This analysis employed downscaled projections from global climate models and available climate variables including daily precipitation, minimum temperature, maximum temperature, and wind speed to investigate the implications of climate change on water management in the region.  Final products include data sets for precipitation, temperature, evapotranspiration, April 1st Snow Water Equivalent , and streamflow for 36 key locations in the Santa Ana River Watershed for the period covering 1950-2099.

These data were used to answer frequently asked questions regarding impacts of climate change on the Santa Ana River Watershed.

Click here to examine Climate Change Projections for each of 36 key locations in the Santa Ana River Watershed:

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