What Is It?

The Inland Empire Brine Line (Brine Line) is a unique and indispensable resource for the Inland Empire region, providing a facility for exporting salt from inland areas to the ocean. Salt export is important for protecting water quality and meeting regulatory requirements. The Brine Line provides a viable salty wastewater disposal facility for industries that generate salty wastewater during the manufacturing process, or from cooling, boiler blowdown or other processes. Salty wastewater from industry is redirected from the local wastewater treatment plant to the Brine Line, reducing the salt discharged from treatment plants into the Santa Ana River protecting plants and animals dependent on lower salt water and reducing the salt which percolates into the groundwater basins.

There are two ways to dispose salty wastewater into the Inland Empire Brine Line.

Trucked Salty Wastewater

Trucked Salty Wastewater Customers typically generate a small volume of wastewater with higher concentrations of Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) or are not located close enough to the Inland Empire Brine Line to make a direct connection. This higher TDS wastewater is disposed of at one of the four Brine Line Collection Stations by contracting with a permitted salty wastewater trucker (refer to map below for location of the Collection Stations). Everyone within the SAWPA service area is within 20 miles of a Collection Station.

Direct Discharge

A Direct Discharge Customer is close enough to construct a pipeline connection from the facility to the Brine Line and produce enough volume of brine wastewater to economically justify the connection cost.

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For more information or questions about the Inland Empire Brine Line, please email IEBrineline@sawpa.org