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Reach IV-D Pipeline Inspection

The Santa Ana Watershed Project Authority is conducting a pipeline inspection on the Inland Empire Brine Line. The inspection includes CCTV of seven (7) miles of pipeline within the City of Chino and City of Eastvale.

Reach V Rehabilitation and Improvement Project
Corona, CA

The Santa Ana Watershed Project Authority is working to test, fortify and/or replace 5 miles of the Brine Line, an underground pipeline that conveys salty water from the Inland Empire to the Pacific Ocean.

2015 Proposition 84 IRWM Implementation Grant
Pepperweed Site Restoration - Prado Basin

Perennial pepperweed is a State of California designated Class B invasive plant. The goal of the project is to restore this site to native, riparian habitat suitable for least Bell’s vireo and other avian species.

Perris Desalter - Prop 84 Rd 2 Project
Perris Desalination Program

The project will remove up to an additional 2,900 Acre-Feet/year (AF/yr) of brackish water from the Perris groundwater basin by the addition of groundwater wells to the existing brackish water distribution system that supplies the existing Perris Desalter.

Inland Empire Brine Line Rehabilitation and Enhancement

The project as designed will increase the capacity of the Lower Reach IVB Brine Line by an additional 4.0 MGD.  This additional Brine Line capacity will allow greater groundwater desalting capacity in the Inland Empire.