Resolution No. 2014-03 Establish the Rates (For the Treatment and Disposal of Non-Reclaimable Wastewater, Temporary Domestic Wastewater, Collection Station Discharges, and Charges for Suspended Solids and Biochemical Oxygen Demand) in the Inland Empire Brine Line (Effective 7/1/2014).

Resolution No. 2011-13 Establish Local Permit Limits and Best Management Practices Requirements

Resolution No. 2011-11 Establish Purchase Price for Brine Line Treatment & Disposal Rights (Effective 7/19/11 rescinds Reso 487)

Resolution No. 295 Establish Price for Purchasing Discharge Rights (7/8/97)

Resolution No. 299 Authorizing Emergency Discharges of Qualified Wastewater into the Brine Line

Ordinance No. 7 Establish Regulations for Use of the Inland Empire Brine Line (Effective 10/15/2013)


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