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  • OWOW Plan Update 2018


    Crafted over the past two years with engagement from hundreds of participants, the One Water One Watershed Plan Update 2018 describes the shared goals for achieving a sustainable Santa Ana River watershed, and recommended strategies for getting there by 2040.  Compliant with the 2016 Integrated Regional Water Management Plan Standards issued by Department of Water Resources, the OWOW Plan Update 2018 supports water and land management planning throughout the watershed.

    Comments on the draft version of the Plan were received from six organizations by the end of the public comment period, which ended on December 14, 2018. Once the Final is approved the SAWPA Commission it will be posted on SAWPA’s website. The draft Plan and the comments received are provided on the following links at the following links:

  • Call for Projects

    Integrated Regional Water Management (IRWM) Proposition 1, Round 1 Grant Funding

    DWR recently issued a Draft 2018 Proposal Solicitation Package for Round 1 of Proposition 1 IRWM grant funding (view it here). Note that the Santa Ana River watershed’s IRWM grant application is to be prepared by the OWOW program as a regional suite of projects.

    Proposition 1 authorized $510 million for the State’s IRWM grant program, of which $63 million was allocated for the Santa Ana Funding Area. 10% of the grant funding available for implementation projects is reserved for projects serving disadvantaged communities.

    SAWPA finalized its call for projects for this Proposition 1 IRWM Round 1 funding opportunity on January 31, 2019. There is approximately $24 million expected to be available for the Santa Ana Funding Area in this round of funding. Projects can be reviewed here:

    Please contact Ian Achimore with any questions: