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Santa Ana Watershed Project Authority

The Santa Ana Watershed Project Authority is joint power authority under California law, composed of five member agencies; Eastern Municipal Water District, Inland Empire Utilities Agency, Orange County Water District, San Bernardino Valley Municipal Water District, and Western Municipal Water District. Learn more about our history, present, and future.



SAWPA was first formed in 1968 to address water quality and watershed sustainability issues. SAWPA has a strong record of creating and facilitating partnerships with and between organizations pursing shared interests and overall watershed sustainability. You may find our workgroups, task forces, and roundtables listed under our Collaboration section.

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One Water One Watershed (OWOW)

SAWPA is proud to be the state-approved Regional Water Management group for the Santa Ana River Watershed.  The One Water One Watershed Program, facilitated by SAWPA, brings together watershed community and agency members to plan for and implement projects towards a more sustainable future.  This integrated approach was the template for the statewide Integrated Regional Water Management Program, funded by the voters and administered by CA Department of Water Resources. In our OWOW section you’ll discover our practice of promoting collaboration across political and agency boundaries and integrating efforts that benefit the entire watershed.

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Inland Empire Brine Line

The Inland Empire Brine Line is an effective and economical way to dispose of salty wastewater. Salt removal is important for protecting water quality in the watershed, and meeting regulatory requirements. With the Brine Line, businesses can now dispose of salty wastewater locally at a substantial cost savings, without trucking it outside of the region.