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    • 2014 Riverwalk January 19, 2015
      A Volunteer Effort: The 2014 Riverwalk The Santa Ana River Watershed includes a mixture of urban, suburban and rural populations of people that border the Pacific Ocean, small creeks and the region’s central waterway, the Santa Ana River. The municipal […] […]
    • OWOW 2015 Implementation January 14, 2015
      As a City Manager, General Manager, Tribal Representative, Non-Profit Manager, etc. you are responsible to the constituents you serve. The catch is that as a leader you can no longer go it alone because there are immediate and long term […] […]

Please note new Department of Industrial Relations requirements regarding the Public Works Contractor Registration Program:


2015 Digital Color Orthorectified Aerial Imagery 
A Request for Proposal (RFP) is expected to be issued on March 5, 2015 for aerial imagery acquisition. If your firm would like to be included in the bidders list please contact IT Manager, Dean Unger at and Project Manager, Richard Schulman at

CIR Imagery RFP
Appendix A
Appendix B
Agreement (GSA) Master Agreement


Reach V On Call Positive Location (Potholing) Services
The Santa Ana Watershed Project Authority (SAWPA) will receive sealed proposals until March 10, 2015 at 11:00 a.m. Proposals must be received by SAWPA by the date and time herein above set forth. Deliver or mail to 11615 Sterling Avenue, Riverside,California 92503.

Click here to view Reach V On Call Positive Location (Potholing) Services RFP.


CLOSED: Inland Empire Brine Line Reach V Rehabilitation and Improvement Project – Phase 1

Bid Breakdown

1 Charles King Co., Inc.  $12,561,316.00
2 Spiniello Companies $14,600,120.00
3 Weka, Inc. $13,814,099.00

Planholder’s List – Last updated 10/9/2014

One Water One Watershed (OWOW)

  • OWOW 2015 : Monthly OWOW Pillar Integration  Workshops will be held at SAWPA to assist in the development of integrated, regional, system based and multi-benefit programs/projects. Projects can be related to water supply reliability, water quality improvement, flood management, stormwater recharge and capture, land use, environmental enhancement, or disadvantaged communities. See SAWPA News  for more information. 
  • Drought Response: Implementation of the $22 million Interregional Landscape Water Demand Reduction Program, a watershed-wide water use efficiency effort is now being planned through the Project Agreement (PA) 22 Committee. The PA 22 Committee, composed of the regional water agencies in the Santa Ana River Watershed, is planning the implementation of the program which will include watershed aerial imagery, tools and support for retail water agencies to develop conservation-based water rates, web-based and informational tools to encourage conservation, and turf replacement. The program will be implemented quickly in order to respond to the ongoing and unprecedented drought.
  • Round 2: The Proposition 84 IRWM Implementation Round 2 Grant Agreements have been executed and will be finalized between the project proponents and SAWPA very soon.

Please visit our calendar to view upcoming meetings. SAWPA Calendar

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    • Kid Approved Adventures: Kayaking the Newport Bay Estuary February 8, 2015
      At 10am every Saturday and Sunday morning, kayakers and nature lovers from all over Southern California gather at the Newport Aquatic Center for a guided tour of Newport’s ecological reserve. A critical part of the Santa Ana Watershed, the reserve is on the Pacific Flyway, a kind of Route 66 for birds migrating with the […] […]
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