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    • 2014 Riverwalk January 19, 2015
      A Volunteer Effort: The 2014 Riverwalk The Santa Ana River Watershed includes a mixture of urban, suburban and rural populations of people that border the Pacific Ocean, small creeks and the region’s central waterway, the Santa Ana River. The municipal […] […]
    • OWOW 2015 Grant Solicitation January 14, 2015
      As a City Manager, General Manager, Tribal Representative, Non-Profit Manager, etc. you are responsible to the constituents you serve. The catch is that as a leader you can no longer go it alone because there are immediate and long term […] […]

CLOSED: Inland Empire Brine Line Reach V Rehabilitation and Improvement Project – Phase 1

Bid Breakdown

1 Charles King Co., Inc.  $12,561,316.00
2 Spiniello Companies $14,600,120.00
3 Weka, Inc. $13,814,099.00

Planholder’s List – Last updated 10/9/2014

One Water One Watershed (OWOW)

  • Great News! DWR has just announced their final awards for the Proposition 84 2014 IRWM Drought Solicitation Implementation Grant Program and they have recommended funding 100% of the grant funding request. The proposal submitted was a $22 million Interregional Landscape Water Demand Reduction Program, which requested $12.9 million in grant funds coming from the SAWPA IRWM region, $11.8 million, and the Upper Santa Margarita IRWM region, $1.1 million. We are excited about the news and congratulate the entire team of stakeholders who helped prepare the successful SAWPA grant application!
  • More great news! The Proposition 84 IRWM Implementation Round 2 Grant Agreements have been executed and will be finalized between the project proponents and SAWPA very soon. 

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    • Plant Disney Magic at Home November 16, 2014
      You’ll find many amazing things at the Disneyland Resort: Mickey Mouse, dragons, princesses, and awesome thrill rides. One thing you won’t find a lot of is…grass. Disneyland Resort boasts plants of varying descriptions that help tell the story of each land and ride in the Magic Kingdom – the breadth of plant life is truly […] […]
    • Relentlessly Testing Water Safety August 10, 2014
      Meet Dr. Andy Eaton, the Technical Director at Eurofins Lab. He’s working on a nation-wide effort to test tap water to learn if there are trace amounts of substances that we don’t yet include in the day-to-day testing all tap water must undergo. While the U.S. has some of the safest tap water in the […] […]
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